Projection engineering systems

More information about the services of the engineering design of piping systems

To date, the design of utility piping systems in Uzbekistan is in high demand among the owners of the objects for different purposes. This is due to the important role of communication in the overall construction. They are the basis of building the infrastructure.

If the design of utility networks and piping systems contain bugs, errors lead to functional impairment of construction. The consequences are different. From the unjustified increase in the financial cost of building maintenance to a complete failure of expensive equipment.

the modern critical infrastructure requirements change regularly. Along with them are growing financial costs of drawing up communication plans. At the moment, the cost of engineering systems of buildings and facilities equal to 25-40% of the project budget.

Whatever the nature of the activities, design of engineering systems of buildings is beneficial only when ordering work professionals. Only specialists are able to competently make a project for the construction of buildings or modernization of the existing network. Services of high quality engineers are always available to you in our company!

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